ICT Laboratory

Our computer centre is the nerve centre of our ICT driven study style at Dhi college of health and education. The centre is equipped with top quality work stations with internet access. 

Central IT Services are provided by the Information Communication Technology Department (ICT) and can be accessed from any desktop computer (PC) in the college over our Local Area Network (LAN).

Students can access our extensive electronic library and digital resources from the computer centre. 


Our library is well stocked with the latest titles and recommended texts covering all areas of studies. International and local journals are available to students and faculty members. 

We also have a comprehensive electronic library powered from our computer centre.

Lecture Halls

Our modern lecture halls and classrooms are designed to provide optimal comfort required for serious academic work.
Particular details have been paid to the design and finishing so that daylight lighting standard and cross ventilation is assured.
All classrooms and lecture halls are designed with facilities for multimedia presentations. 


We provides residential accommodation for some of our students from outside Kumasi  and those who want to experience campus life. we also have considered those who reside far away from the campus.

Apart from comfortable accommodation, we have a canteen that provides meals at an affordable rate.

Demonstration Room

Our demonstration theatre is a simulation of a ward, equipped with a range of state-of the -art practice items, dummies and models.
Clinical demonstrations are undertaken here to simulate real life situations prior to students' exposure to clinical practices in hospitals.