Medical laboratory technicians may function behind the scenes, but the work that they do is exciting, varied and vital to the quality of a patient's healthcare. Conducting lab tests ordered by doctors and other healthcare providers, these professionals work with human bodily fluids and tissue samples to determine diagnoses and identify abnormalities.

They work with microscopes, computers and other automated laboratory machines, where they keep detailed records of the data they compile.

Some medical laboratory technicians prefer the more generalist nature of work at a large hospital lab or independent facility while others pursue a specialty in areas such as immunology, microbiology and clinical chemistry. No matter which approach they choose, they are important members of the healthcare industry whose work is instrumental in determining the correct diagnoses.

Entry Requirements



Credit passes in three (3) core-subjects – English Language, integrated Science and Mathematics and credit passes in three (3) elective subjects (Biology, Chemistry, physics or Mathematics) with an aggregate of twenty-four (24) or better.

Duration of Programme 36 month – 6 semesters


Have five (5) credits in Ordinary level Examination, including the following: English Language, Mathematics and two of the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Biology) and at least a pass in one other subject (Biology, Physics or Chemistry) at the Advanced level. (Agricultural Science is not accepted as a science subject).


Have Medical Technician with two (2) years post-qualification experience and must pass an interview. Candidates must have also completed one-year internship. of 50% CWA.

Duration of programme 24 months – 4 semesters

Duration of the course

The programme would be for a duration of three (3) years (6 semesters) for Senior Secondary School or O Level graduates;

Candidates with Medical Laboratory Technician Certificate will enter the second (2) year of the programme.

Evaluation of course work

Assessments of student’s performance in course will be done through a combination of continuous assessment and End-Of-Semester Examinations. The weighting will be as follows: Continuous Assessment = 30%
End of semester Examination = 70%

The continuous assessment (CA) comprises quizzes, essay assignments, short tests, laboratory reports, field report and observation.Practical examination would be assessed over 100% and would be independent of theoretical examinations.

In order for a candidate to be considered to have passed a course, the students have passed the practical component of the assessment.
Pass Mark for each course is 40%.

Requirements for the award of diploma

To qualify for a Diploma in Medical laboratory technology, a candidate should Pass all theoretical courses and earn a Cumulative Weight Average (CWA) of 45% or better. Should have undertaken and successfully completed a project work and submitted a report on his work, earning a minimum of 50% CWA.