Early childhood education is the bedrock and key to future success in every society. A strong firm and solid foundation ensures school success and responsible individual. It is rather unfortunate that most care givers have very little skills in child development related issues.

A lot of people have desire to study course in early childhood development, but might not qualify for study leave, or basic understanding to pursue such courses. This programme is designed to cater for such individuals who have the interest and are willing to lay the necessary foundation in child care programmes.


By the end of the programme, trainees will be able to:
  •  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how young children grow and develop
  •  Apply skills of reflective practice when working with young children
  •  Develop and build strong skills in interpersonal relationships
  •  Ensure developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood settings
  •  Assist young children’s growth, development, thinking and learning
  •  Create an environment of care and love
  •  Promote wellness of young children- physical, emotional, social, psychological, health, nutrition and safety
  •  Encourage exploration, discovery, and creativity among children
  •  Explain the importance of transitions and routines in meeting the needs of young children


Programme: Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Course Code: DCE (Diploma in Early Childhood Education- DCE)
Credits Load: (Total Credits of the Course - 69)
Duration: The duration for the programme is two year (2years)
Mode of Study: The mode of study will be by the use of multimedia packages including DVDs, power point presentations, discussions, group work and group presentations, and lectures
Mode of Assessment: Trainees will be assessed through the following means:
  • Continuous Assessment (exercises, group work, class test, (40%)
  • End of Semester Examinations = 60 marks (60%)


  • SSCE

- 6 passes (A-D) in all subjects, including English language and mathematics

  •   WASSCE   

- 6 PASSES (A1- D7, including English language and mathematics.

- must possess a minimum of C6 in any three (3) of the passes relevant to the area of specialization

  • Matured applicants must be 25years at the time of entry and must pass an entrance examination
  • Should have the ability to read and write
    DBS, RSA, ABCE, GCE, GBCE and Certificate Holders should
    apply as mature applicant.
  • Holders of teacher Certificate  A can apply
  • Holders of certificate in early childhood from a recognized institution
  • Holders of higher certificate such as HND and DEGREE